holiday hor dourves

Holiday is a time to enjoy and eat. Kids love holidays as they give them the freedom to be away from studies. One of the best ways to enjoy holidays is to eat some healthy yet interesting food. The only thing that the kids love to eat is hor dourves. Confused about the word. It is nothing but appetizers or snacks. These are generally served before a meal. These are healthy foods that can be prepared and served at home. Packed foods are not very healthy and contain lots of health hazards. There are many simple hor douvers that one can prepare at home and serve kids at hearts content. The type of appetizers varies from one country to the other. They are customized based on the client’s taste buds. For example, a hor dourves in the United States may be known by the same name in the Middle East but with a different taste customized according to the people there.

There are certain restaurants that operate through out the world. The same dish modified into different tastes according to the location. South is best known for appetizers and finger foods. Some of the places that are known for appetizers throughout the world. Some states that are known for these foods are Benedictine Spread created by Jennie Benedict and the most famous Kentucky. Now Kentucky has created landmarks all over the world creating an image in the food industry for the coming years. One of the most famous hor dourves is the cucumber-cream cheese spread tinted with green food coloring served as dip on bread rounds. Other food includes roasted sugared and peppered pecans that have been the favorite food in the Southern east.

Some of the appetizers below are very famous in most of the countries. Some of them are appetizer pulled pork sandwiches, crab-stuffed mushrooms, mini peach cobblers, tangy cocktail franks, and spicy cheese dip, eggplant Creole appetizer with crab sauce, delicious artichoke cheese dip and mini burger buns.

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