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Hor dourves is known as appetite or starters in French. It is generally served before a meal. Kids like to eat appetizers more than adults. The main concept of appetizers is to have some light snacks without using plates or glasses. Starters can be served to guests at home also. Preparing these starters depends upon the type of starters. Complex starters take some time to prepare where as simple starters can be prepared quickly. Simple hor dourves are used at simple functions at home whereas the complex ones are used in the restaurants. When you are hosting a party at home or arranging a simple function think about the main meal and then the starter. An appetizer may even be fruit chunks or vegetable salad. A very simple preparation could be applying cream on top of the vegetables or fruits which will make the dish rich as well as light to have the meal.

Appetizers are served at large parties and weddings. You can have them at home also. Hor dourves can be served hot or chilled in liquid form. Some of them are Americano, apricot brandy punch, bourbon punch, bubbly punch, celebrity punch, cider punch, citrus cooler punch, cold duck punch and citrus eye opener. The recipe for artichoke benedict recipe is given below

Ingredients for artichoke benedict are

4 California artichokes

4 sliced Canadian bacon

4 eggs


Wash the artichokes in cold running water. Cut the lower petals and stems. Cut ½ inc of top of the artichoke. Trim the leaves with scissors and remove thorns. Dip in lemon juice and serve.

The recipe for frosty fruit punch is given below

Ingredients for frosty fruit punch are

32 oz can pineapple juice

2 pints pineapple sherbet

7 oz bottle ginger


Chill fruit juice and ginger, combine juice and ginger ale. This is a simple yet tasty recipe which will serve 10 people.

The above recipes are just sample. You can prepare your own recipe at home and enlighten your guests.

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